Fridge Air Temperature level Law

The evaporator follower likewise distributes air to the ice manufacturer and also via the damper door to offer chilly air to the fridge. Just a tiny quantity of cool air required in the food area to maintain it down to the appropriate temperature level so the damper door will certainly shut when the correct temperature level is gotten too.

Thermostat/Control Board

A thermostat is an electric cell phone which alters resistance when an adjustment in temperature level happens. The firmware in the control board is developed so that resistance of the thermostat will certainly match to a provided temperature level and also will certainly readjust follower rate, fresh food damper door, as well as compressor procedure to attain the collection temperature level.

Thermostat Operation

A thermostat called a cold control will certainly cycle the compressor on as well as off to maintain the temperature level inside the fridge within a defined variety. A lot of cold-controls on Whirlpool, Maytag, Whirlpool, and also GE fridges are situated in the fresh-food side of the fridge, leading as well as front near the indoor light.

Fridge Air Temperature level Law

As the food inside your fridge obtains cold as well as chillier it emits much less warmth to the air inside the whirlpool wrx735sdbm. The air temperature level inside the fridge will certainly stay cooler as this procedure takes place. To manage the temperature level inside many fridges and also fridge freezers either a thermostat is made use of or a thermostat/control board mix.

On many Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag, as well as GE fridges all the cool air for both the fresh-food area as well as the fridge freezer area is created by one evaporator, which lies behind the back indoor panel of the fridge freezer area. Given that the fridge freezer air is a lot cold compared to the fresh-food area, it is simple to see why it is sensible to utilize this evaporator to offer the needed chilly air for both the fridge freezer as well as fresh-food areas of many fridges.